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Code Yellow is a software development company specializing in solutions to digitize and optimize businesses’ core processes

“Our fleet grew 400% while our performance towards customers increased”

Sjef Boekestijn, COO Boekestijn Transport Service

“Our dream is to provide optimal pharmaceutical care for everyone, everywhere.”

Claudia Rijcken, CEO/Founder Pharmi

“Pharmi represents the interface between pharmacy and internet: 'blended care'. Digital care when available, and human care when necessary”

Jeroen Londeman, Chief Product Officer Pharmi

“We have exponentially more control over our complex data and processes. The biggest projects in our history are now conducted with a fraction of the previous effort and complexity”

Philip Ramondt, Innovation Lead Image Building

Our Eindhoven Office

Rene and Burhan, Code Yellow founders

Our Bydgoszcz Office

Nuria Barriga, UX design team lead

Bob, working on something really good


Multidisciplinary teams is our secret of success

Yuzu, Chief of happiness

10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Koen Meuffels, sponsored by Code Yellow

We partner with
forward-thinking enterprises and startups.

Since 2018, our software has been automating Boekestijn's core operations, from the truck dispatcher view to the driver app.

Our software has helped streamline SuperB's core process of producing high-end lithium batteries.

With Pharmi, we developed a mobile app that functions as a digital pharmacist, offering patients bite-sized and personalized information about their medication.

Using our online portal, health care providers can easily access INSZO's reports on their patient data.

Our first production client and still going strong with our system! AAA-Lux uses our software to produce LED lighting for sports, stadium and industry.

For Image Building, an outdoor advertisement company, we created a scalable platform that streamlines the company’s operation throughout Europe.

Dalessi partnered with Code Yellow to streamline operations and develop a Transport Management System, enabling centralized processes and accurate order tracking.

Direct Result grew and streamlined operations with our custom software, Direct Result Backbone, which is now being upgraded and deployed as DR React to support continued expansion.

Along with Flowmasters, our shop floor execution software has helped achieve operation excellence for dozens of companies.

We love technology

"Testing is a key step during product development. Through rigorous testing, we reinforce our confidence and affirm the reliability of our endeavors.
In tests we trust!"

Burhan Zainuddin, Code Yellow CTO/Co-Founder Code Yellow

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Code Yellow is strongly connected with the Eindhoven University of Technology, providing a place for students to put their skills to practice.

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