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Position: Full-Time Engineer

About Us

We build (web / mobile) applications that streamline critical business processes. Because each application is part of a critical process, it is used intensively by thousands of employees daily. Our projects span multiple years, and are technically challenging. Our focus is on stability and incremental improvements, since projects outlast popular trends regarding tech stacks.

The clients range in different fields: transport, sales, health, production and telecom. The range of different fields gives insight in problems unique to those fields, but also interesting overlapping problems.

Current Stack

Server OS: Debian
Database: PostgreSQL
Back-end: Python (Django)
Front-end: JavaScript (React + MobX)
Mobile: JavaScript (React Native)

Legacy Stack

Server OS: Debian
Database: MySQL
Back-end: PHP (FuelPHP, Laravel)
Front-end: JavaScript (Backbone + Marionette)
Mobile: Javascript (Cordova)

About You

Communicating with clients and debugging problems will be your focus.

  • Fluently speaks / writes Dutch / English.
  • Easily call with clients / programmers.
  • Enjoys maintaining large applications spanning different fields.
  • Likes refactoring for performance / flow improvements / UI tweaks.
  • Analyze logs / database / code to find bugs.
  • Ability to switch context multiple times a day.

About The Work

All software we deploy is used intensively daily by thousands of people. By now, maintaining the code-bases spread over different clients / fields is a full time task. Currently the people who build the application also run the daily operations. The first step in streamlining this process is adding a dedicated team member which will take care of the day to day operations of the applications. Once operations is running smoothly, the next step is expanding and leading the operations team.

Examples of work:

  • Answer questions from clients by phone / IRC / ticket system.
  • Implement incremental improvement, for example add a “Check all” button for the client to work more efficiently.
  • Fix bug with automated test case.
  • Check status of test runners, fix flaky test.
  • Deploy changes to staging and validate functionality is working (again).
  • Inform client of update and check on staging.
  • Deploy to production upon go-live by client.
  • Check error reporting tool to see if there are new issues.
  • Fix crashing background task runner.
  • Improve perceived performance by adding lazy loaders / partial load.
  • Update Apple builder because of another weird Apple change.
  • Make sure errors in our error tracking tool are taken care of.

About The Application Process

Send an email with your CV to contact@codeyellow.nl Together we shall pick a date for an interview, and discuss details on further steps.

Let's Get In Touch!

+31 40 780 5090

IRC channel #codeyellow on Freenode

Torenallee 26-22, 5617 BD Eindhoven