Refactoring our frontend development stack

At Code Yellow we write frontend heavy apps. This means that the browser is responsible for all the rendering, and the backend only handles API requests.

In the last few weeks we have been busy refactoring a large part of ...

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In our organization we frequently need to execute some scripts that are either time consuming, or very heavy on the server. Most of the times these scripts needn't necessarily be executed synchronously. Therefore we use a queuing system to ...

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Rapid Cordova application development

Developing Apache Cordova (aka Phonegap) applications tends to be rather painful: the long waits while compiling an application for Android and uploading it to the device (or emulator) leads to unacceptable round trip times, especially for applications with lots of ...

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IRC channel #CodeYellow on Freenode!

Join our IRC Channel #CodeYellow on Freenode!

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