What your framework never told you about SQL injection protection

We've discovered that SQL injection is to this day not a fully solved problem, even in most popular frameworks. In this post, we'll explain how these frameworks fail at escaping parts of a query, culminating in the discovery ...

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In our organization we frequently need to execute some scripts that are either time consuming, or very heavy on the server. Most of the times these scripts needn't necessarily be executed synchronously. Therefore we use a queuing system to ...

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FuelPHP released version 1.7

FuelPHP 1.7 has been released. A pretty late post, but it's been crazy busy the past few weeks. One important feature used immediately: PATCH request are now supported.

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FuelPHP released version 1.6.1

Joy to the world! FuelPHP 1.6.1 has been released FuelPHP released a new version.

Mostly minor improvements from the 1.6 with some backported functionallity from the 1.7 branch.

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Dependency managers

Using other peoples libraries saves time and effort so that you as a developer can focus on the true task at hand. A problem that quickly becomes apparent is managing dependencies on libraries. For example, if you use jQuery then ...

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During my travels on the programming wasteland, I occasionally find useful libraries. This page will continuously be updated with new libraries. Each library will also have a small post describing the how to use it and why it's useful ...

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FuelPHP released version 1.6

Today the kind people at FuelPHP released a new version of their framework, promising some big changes and improvements. The official introduction of Composer is perhaps the most noteworthy of the changes.

Composer has been the main reason to choose ...

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