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Backoffice management system for Direct Result, spanning 4 countries.

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Direct Result was founded in 2009 as a Direct Marketing agency and has specialized in face to face marketing specifically for charities. After several years of growth, automation of the back office was started in 2013 by means of custom software, built by Code Yellow.

This software was designed to replace existing systems and further streamline processes within the organization. In addition to improving the quality of the registrations (with the introduction of strict data validation), the safeguarding and structuring of the most important backoffice processes has also been a continuous part of the scope.

Direct Result has grown into a European player with various branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Direct Result’s strategy is to continue to grow at least within Europe and to double the total number of branches within a few years (3 - 5 years).

The developed Direct Result Backbone software now functions as an application that is used for the entire back office per country. So there are now four separate instances of DR Backbone operational. For each instance, the application consists of a number of separate modules that have been added incrementally to the application over a period of several years.

In order to continue to support the growth and to steer the associated changes to processes in the right direction, it is desirable to add new functionalities to the back office application, but it is also necessary from a technical point of view to implement some upgrades in the core. The newest version of the backoffice application is currently being deployed in all countries under the name DR React.

Even with the increasing size of the organization, control remains on the most important core processes and the quality of service to Direct Result’s customers can be increased even further. In recent years, Code Yellow has built up a versatile customer base with associated technological solutions combined with the new version of the software, providing optimal support for Direct Result in this new phase of growth.


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