Just some days at the office

Customer Changes Requirement just before the deadline

devops 1

Non standardized environment

devops 2

Managers testing a new feature

devops 3

Typical Monday Morning

devops 4

Git push --force

devops 5

Fixing bugs on live production server

devops 6

The aftermath of a rushed release

devops 7

Thinking about targets for next year

devops 8

Realizing ...

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IRC channel #CodeYellow on Freenode!

Join our IRC Channel #CodeYellow on Freenode!

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Using Trello for our Development Workflow

This is a repost of an article I wrote a couple of weeks ago, which featured another project as an example, but we received a request to change some aspects of the original story. We decided the quick fix was ...

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Elementary OS Luna Beta 2 Released

rpi 1

Almost all of the desktops and laptops at Code Yellow are running Elementary OS and today Beta 2 of this operating system has been released. Some of our machines are running daily updates so in a sense they already were ...

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FuelPHP released version 1.6

Today the kind people at FuelPHP released a new version of their framework, promising some big changes and improvements. The official introduction of Composer is perhaps the most noteworthy of the changes.

Composer has been the main reason to choose ...

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Raspberry Pi prototyping development

rpi 1

At Code Yellow we use the Raspberry Pi for quick prototyping. The Debian based Raspbian image, available at the Raspberry Pi Download section is easy to use and little extra knowledge of Linux is required.

The device is mainly used ...

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The ideal development image

To take full advantage of the Proxmox development servers we decided to make a fresh development image with all settings preset, so when you start a project, you only have to load a fresh image into a Virtual Private Server ...

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New development and test environment installed

Today some new servers arrived at Code Yellow HQ! The boxes were obsolete at a data center of one of our customers so we got 4 nice pieces of hardware to set up a new development environment.

servers 1

The new development ...

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