In 2012 Burhan Zainuddin and Rene Cremers started a bespoke software company specialized in creating business software.

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Founded in 2012, Code Yellow is a software development company focused on creating innovative business applications to streamline operational processes of our customers. The Code Yellow HQ is based in Eindhoven, serving clients all over Europe.

We thrive on talent and only hire the best developers. Code Yellow is strongly connected with the Eindhoven University of Technology, providing a place for students to put their skills to practice.

At Code Yellow we are engaging in a dynamic work-environment where strong teamwork is the key-factor of development and customer success. Whether you are a back-end, front-end or design specialist, we are one team and work towards one goal.

Our organization hires on qualities and cultural fit. That made us a very open-minded enterprise with an international and diverse team. Everybody feels welcome at Code Yellow and together we have the ambition to see our software encouraging other organizations to succeed.

The CY Core Values

Together, Never Give Up (Samen schouders eronder)

Work with the best talent & continuously further develop the talent

Stimulate creative design, component re-use and continuous improvements

Everything we do, should always be ‘well engineered’ (In Test We Trust)

Open Company: no politics